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Bureau scanning services

Although the supply of document scanning solutions is our primary business, Scanning Technologies was originally setup to provide document/drawing scanning services for clients for clients throughout Scotland.

In the early days of scanning, we found that there were very few effective scanning tools available.  They were either horrendously complex or, we felt, excessively expensive (or both!).  As a consequence, we found ourselves developing our own software.  It was following on from this work, that some of our early clients started to ask if we would consider selling our newly developed software.

We still maintain a small bureau scanning service working out of the North of Scotland which continues to act as a test-bed for new development work.  Of greater importance, we consider that we do not find ourselves tied to attempting to sell a single solution .... If a prospective client has a possible scanning requirement, we can offer a solutions that will be based on their  particular circumstances.  Backlog scanning >>>


Consultancy services

Drawing on our experience of operating a scanning bureau since the mid-1990´s, and coupled with our expertise gained in developing much of our own software in this time, and working extensively with some of the foremost suppliers of document / drawing scanning systems, we are often asked to perform a little lateral thinking.

Some areas where we can help are: