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Click on the above link to review some of our favourite low volume scanners.  Although they can handle more, typical daily volumes between 100-500 pages per day.

Low volume scanners (upto 25ppm)

The backbone of most mid-sized office / departmental solutions.   These scanners are ideal for daily volumes of between 500-1000 pages per day.

Mid volume scanners (upto 60ppm)

For daily volumes in excess of 1000 pages per day.  Although we have drawn an arbitrary line at 100ppm, we have tried to concentrate here on the typical larger office setup.  

Higher volume scanners (upto 100ppm - A4 & A3)

Need to scan large format drawings, maps or posters?

Click on the above link to review the some of the options available for oversize material

(A2-Oversize A0; 24”-56”).

Large format scanners

Scanning Technologies operates independently of all the main scanner manufacturers.

Our selection of the correct scanner is based on the simple concept of "fit for purpose".

All scanner options are reviewed with our clients and the ultimate selection is based on experiences of them in the working environment.

Click on the links below to see some of the most popular scanners available to our clients.

Portable scanners / Book scanners / Network scanners.

Click on the above link to some of the alternatives.

Specialist scanners