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Maintenance warranties

All new scanners are supplied with a full manufacturer’s UK warranty.  Most of the manufacturers provide a 12 month on-site or swap-out warranty.  The former usually provides an engineer to site within 3-5 days (faster for the more expensive scanners); the latter is usually the standard for cheaper scanners and involves the manufacturer sending a replacement unit and collecting the faulty device.  All scanners can be provided with extended warranty options to reflect your specific requirements.

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, you have the option of purchasing an additional extended warranty on all new scanners.

Typical extended warranties provide for an engineer to visit your site within a targeted timeframe and to fix the fault (or provide a satisfactory working solution), if possible, within an additional targeted timeframe.  Some warranties also will provide you with a replacement unit (or equivalent model) if the faulty device can not be fixed within the allocation time period.

Typical maintenance cover is on-site UK mainland only, parts and labour inclusive (unless otherwise specified). All maintenance costs are usually quoted are per annum (or for 3 years). The standard hours of cover for the scanners are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm excluding Bank Holidays.

Common variations to the 1 year / 3 year contracts are:


Feel free to discuss with us the various options available.