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Partner links #3

Partner links

In-house and with several of our clients, we use a variety of Utility tools to resolve specific issues or problems.

Below are a few links to some of these products:

RemoteZilla - An invaluable one-time purchase that lets your support staff (or other offsite staff) remotely connect to a PC anywhere on the internet, from another PC anywhere on the internet through firewalls in less than 5 seconds with no configuration. It uses mature, industry proven VNC compatible software that is fully Vista / Windows7 compatible. Remote Support Software by RemoteZilla >>>


HSM Informatik AG is the home of the original Informatik Image Driver. They offer a wide variety of image-conversion tools (such as PDF2TIFF and TIFF2PDF), as well as other useful printer and image manipulation tools. Informatik Image Driver is the most complete and customizable solution for the conversion of documents into PDF, JPEG, TIFF or other graphical files. The driver is based on 30 year experience developing printer drivers. As a result, exporting documents into a chosen format is not any more complicated than printing on a desktop printer. HSM Informatik AG >>>


Adlib - In the document management industry, Adlib Software is known as a leading producer of server-based pdf editing, document conversion and OCR software solutions. Its products integrate seamlessly with enterprise applications or act as standalone document management software solutions. Adlib Software provides the document conversion, publishing and workflow foundation that drives productivity in businesses worldwide, increases the effectiveness of people while supporting compliance with internal processes and regulatory bodies using standard electronic document formats such as PDF, PDF/X and PDF/A.