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Most scanners are supplied with basic scanning software.  Ring or email us to discuss if these are likely to meet your needs.

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We are a specialist supplier of scanning solutions.

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Key considerations

What is the maximum width of document that you need to scan?

After size, image sensor type, colour scanning, optical resolution and speed are the next major influences on a large format scanner's performance.

For typical technical drawings and maps, we recommend the Contex IQ Quattro series range of scanners.  These CIS based devices will scan up to a maximum size of A0 document at a maximum speed of 14 inch/sec in b&w and 24-bit colour (200dpi).

The CCD based HD Ultra range can handle both technical drawings / maps AND also photos and poster artwork.  Choose between 36”, 42” and 54” widths depending on your requirements.  B&W / greyscale documents can be scanned at a maximum speed of 12 inch/sec b&w and 8 inch/sec 24-bit colour (200dpi).

Alternatives that might be relevant include:

The highly portable Contex SD3600 series scanners that will scan documents up to 36” wide at a maximum resolution of 1200dpi.   At 21kg in weight it is (almost) light enough to be moved between sites at will.

Large format flatbed scanners which are capable of capturing documents that are unsuitable for sheet fed scanners such as fabrics, fine art, fragile originals, books, bound documents and materials thicker than 20 mm.  Products worthy of consideration include the Contex HD iFlex and Kurabo range of scanners.