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Most scanners are supplied with basic scanning software.  Ring or email us to discuss if these are likely to meet your needs.

We work independently of all the main manufacturers and would be happy to advice you on any specific project requirements.


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Need help installing / setting up the scanner?  We can either come to your offices or talk you through the process on the phone.  


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Confused by the variety of maintenance options available.

Do you need to buy an extended warranty?  Talk to us for an objective viewpoint.


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We are a specialist supplier of scanning solutions.

Is the purchase of a document scanner really the best approach for your firm?  

An alternative might be to investigate the costs of using our backlog scanning service.








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EDM Solutions

Integration or Image Capture tools

Over the past decade, Scanning Technologies Ltd has used or evaluated a number of products designed (primarily) for manipulating or loading batches of scanned images.  The key requirement has always been to answer the question, “What will be the best approach for a specific in-house job?” or “What will be the most effective tool for a client’s specific requirements?”.

Below are a few thoughts / comments:

Bundled software – Most scanners are now supplied with rudimentary scanning tools.  Some are extremely effective and can be a significant addition to your image capture requirements.

ImageBrowser – Our own SCAN module can be run in a variety of modes.  Offering direct capture to TIF or PDF format, images can be saved to a variety of locations (folder names & filenaming options).  Custom development options allow for scans & meta-data to be easily uploaded to 3rd party database applications.  Assorted batching tools allow for complete control over the scanning process.

Kodak Capture and Kofax Express are both powerful products designed to capture, index and export images and meta-data.   They are fully featured, easy-to-use and versatile scanning application ideal for departmental to production environments.  They work with a wide range of document scanners with real-time image display, indexing, and bar code detection (the latter functions can also be batched to be carried out separately).  Data captured by can be submitted into dozen’s of different back end systems including MS SharePoint, other electronic content management system, business process management systems, archives and other systems of record.

Abbyy provide a wide range of products and services.  Standout products for us are its SMB & Enterprise OCR tools, and its Integration & Development toolkits.