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EDM Solutions

ImageBrowser document archiving software

Archival solutions (or Electronic Filing cabinets) are the most commonly implemented form of image retrieval system. They provide cost effective solutions which are ideally suited to departmental applications or discrete filing requirements within the larger firms.

ImageBrowser allows you to capture, sort and distribute documents for fast and easy retrieval across your computer network using a virtual filing cabinet. It offers the ability to tag scanned images with a searchable keyword(s) which, typically via a simple database, maintains a link between the paper document and the keyword(s). It is a highly modular approach is easily customized to meet specific client requirements, and can accommodate either a single larger scanner or multiple lower specification scanners (it can also support scanned images captured using a variety of Digital Copiers or Multi-Function Devices).











An increasingly important feature of the ImageBrowser SCAN / INDEX modules is to allow scanned images to be captured and loaded, together with the associated keyword metadata, directly into a 3rd party database applications (eg. LawWare, Elite’s Envision (formerly LawSoft), VisualFiles/SolCase, Axxia, Partnersoft, GB Systems’ LawMaster & MortgageStream). We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the potential for including other database applications into the portfolio.


For additional discussion of the relative merits of the various Archiving methodologies, please follow the link to the Fit for Purpose? web page.

For more information on the ImageBrowser Scan/Retrieval software, please click here to download a small 2 page PDF-formatted file.