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Most scanners are supplied with basic scanning software.  Ring or email us to discuss if these are likely to meet your needs.

We work independently of all the main manufacturers and would be happy to advice you on any specific project requirements.


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Need help installing / setting up the scanner?  We can either come to your offices or talk you through the process on the phone.  


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Confused by the variety of maintenance options available.

Do you need to buy an extended warranty?  Talk to us for an objective viewpoint.


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We are a specialist supplier of scanning solutions.

Is the purchase of a document scanner really the best approach for your firm?  

An alternative might be to investigate the costs of using our backlog scanning service.








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Electronic Document Management solutions

These products represent one of the most powerful business applications available today.  Their particular strength is the ability to allow users to manage vast quantities of documents floating around in the smallest of companies.  This might be unstructured data which can be in the form of electronic documents (eg. MS Word, Excel, Email) or as scanned (OCR’d) paper documents.  It may, in some cases, allow you to link to other back office systems (eg. MS SharePoint, SAP, MS Dynamics, Lotus Notes, Oracle or other database driven solutions).

For the most common SME applications, they should be simple to install and learn, reliable, scalable and secure – all without breaking your budget.

Documents (stored locally or on a larger network / via the web) are usually accessed through:

Some of the key features to be assessed include: